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How it all started

Years ago when a site called anime season had shut down, it left many disappointed fans yearning for a good reliable source for anime entertainment. Since then, those same fans have gathered, and together created a new anime season site! The newly formed web site has a vast collection of anime TV shows and movies from different genres so there is something for every person with diverse preferences to enjoy.

What kind of Anime can I view?

The anime season site contains various popular anime shows that are available both as completed seasons and ongoing programs too. Some of the types of shows you will come upon on the site are action, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, magic, supernatural, fantasy, martial arts, samurai, kids, and the list goes on with over 30 genres to choose from.

How can I find what I want to see?

The site is very user friendly and has made it easy for anyone to navigate through it. You can peruse their large assortment in a few ways. If you already know the name of the show you would like to view, you can go straight to their A to Z list and look up your show by alphabetical order. Now if you are particular of the type of programs that you like to spend your time watching, then you can go through the list by category or genre. You can select either multiple genres or just one. In the Filter area, you can even select either cartoon, dubbed (English voice recording), and subbed (English text). But say you just want to surf through their many options, then just select random, and explore what this site has to offer for you.